wtorek, 19 marca 2013

How to change what appliaction start with windows ?

This is very easy question and im using this solution for all pc that i tune up for my friends.
Remember that most of apps got this option in settings "run at windows start up" so
you can do this without solution below but if they don't have that option you can use
described solution.

ok lest go:

start -> run -> msconfig

after run msconfig go to startup tab and uncheck apps
that You dont need to start with your windows

disable startup of programs that u know is harmless.

piątek, 27 lipca 2012

How to make CM7 ROM a little bit faster ?

How to make CM7 ROM a little bit faster ?

There are some settings in CyanogenMod that can help you with that.

First go to your settings

wtorek, 24 lipca 2012


Hi, my name is Christopher couple days ago my friend ask me a question about his smartphone
as i always do i try to search some info on internet to solve his problem and i did it, after that he told me:
"You always finding the answers for any questions why you don't start to document all them for other people". From that time i started to thinking about idea of my friend and here we are !